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Marine Mobile App


  • Customer needs a solution to allow field users the ability to view and submit real time key data points about a job.
  • Jobs environment is in hazardous environment and requires intrinsically safe technology
  • Job owner has stringent rules on what vendors can access on the phone, for example, not allowing employees of vendors to use built-in phone or texting functionality
  • User base is very low tech, often wearing gloves to use phone
  • Extremely quick turnaround required (from zero to deploy in weeks) with a minimal budget $25K-$50K

Company Profile:

  • Mid-size marine management company
  • 250-350 employees
  • Standard Job Length: 12-18 hours

Our Approach

  • Performed evaluation and GAP analysis on MAAS360 and MobileIron platforms
  • Performed cost and feasibility analysis on laptop, tablet, and mobile platforms to determine which device combination was the most effective

 Our Solution

  • Helped company evaluate, purchase, and implement MAAS360, a IBM endpoint management system utilizing Watson, to help manage mobile phones for end-users
  • Helped guide company through the purchasing and provisioning of 200+ intrinsically safe phones for end-users
  • Created a set of custom Android based applications for the following functionality. All applications were specifically designed for low-tech users, large, easy to click buttons, with usability a central theme in all decisions
    • Custom text messaging to enable communications to/from home office only, disabling personal usage
    • Custom phone services to enable phone communications based on configuration/management by central office
    • Created 3 operational applications targeted for the capture and delivery of key job data
      • Safety / incident data
      • Job time capture
      • Near miss capture
  • Created custom modules in existing systems to allow for the extended configuration of the various apps, giving management complete control on workflows and processes in mobile applications
  • Created custom deployment process to allow for application pushing, not available within the MAAS360 platform
  • Helped create documentation for customer to provide to key individuals, including job owners and regulatory institutions.