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New Hire / Rehire Web Application

The Challenge

  • Client processed high daily volumes of new hires, employee re-hires, and employee dispatching.
  • With each process, HR paperwork needed to be completed and signed by the employee, in-person.
  • Current situation caused high-traffic situations in the office, creating a logistical nightmare.

Company Profile

  • Large-sized turnaround company
  • 300-500 employees

Our Approach

  • Performed evaluation and GAP analysis of the new hire and rehire workflows
  • Researched and compared leading e-signature providers such as Adobe EchoSign and DocuSign
  • Investigated signature pad technologies for modern web browsers

Our Solution

After reviewing the workflow, it was clear that while new hires needed to come into the office for more than paperwork, re-hires and dispatched employees were only their for the associated paperwork. The solution built included workflow management, with electronic signature capabilities for the necessary paperwork, enabling re-hires and dispatched employees to accomplish everything from either their smartphone, tablet, or PC at home.

Now that re-hires and dispatched employees do not need to come into the office, the in-office traffic has been decreased dramatically, allowing for quicker turnaround for all processes. The employees can now complete their paperwork from home, making it easier for them, and allowing for them to get to the necessary job site faster. The in-office personnel can now better focus on the in-office processes, leading to more efficient and accurate processing.

Direct integration with document management systems allowed for consistent storage of completed applications without the need for individual placement.