Foundation For Success

The Mach1 platform is a highly customizable framework built specifically for service based organizations who are interested in a platform to enable future growth and innovation. Written utilizing the latest technology stack, the Mach1 platform allows you to kick-start your innovation with out of the box functionality through key modules with the flexibility of a custom, tailored made solution. This hybrid approach makes it an idea fit for mid-sized companies who don’t need a big box, expensive, ERP system and would rather use their time/resources to address the issues that give them their unique competitive advantage, or for those companies trying to play catchup to their competition.

Out of the box modules include:

  • Master data management for employees, customers, vendors
  • Project lifecycle management including opportunities, projects, and quote
  • Online exam module allowing web based exam and qualification tracking
  • Online purchasing and requisition system with built in approval worklfows

Why Reinvent The Wheel

Seems like such an obvious statement but we see countless companies waste enormous amounts of money, and more importantly time, in doing just that.  What was even more frustrating, was that typically this is through no fault of their own, simply a lack of options.

Mach1 is that option!  It accomplishes this by offering a solid foundation to grow with while giving you a technology that allows you to customize what makes you unique.  Built with the most popular technology set for mid-size business today (Microsoft .NET, SQL Server), it allows you to easily bring in resources to focus on making it specifically for your problem at hand.  However, rather than start from scratch, Mach1 introduces a core set of functionality that gets you started immediately.

Why Should Mach1 Be Your Choice?

Custom System Out Of The Box System
  • Provides best combination of flexibility + built-in processes
  • Decreased implementation and training cost by to 75%
  • No licensing cost (depending on agreement)
  • Can pivot and adapt as needed
  • Your users are already business experts
  • Can be completely built specifically for you business
  • No licensing cost
  • Can pivot and adapt as needed
  • Your users are already business experts
  • Proven functionality / processes out of the box
  • Great documentation, manuals, and training available


  • Lack of proven functionality
  • Increased risk if not experienced
  • Potentially long-term development and rollout cycle. Leads to loss opportunity.
  • No opportunity to learn from someone else's mistakes
  • Generic by design
  • Length discovery and implementation
  • Long-term licensing cost can significantly reduce ROI
  • Very little flexibility, making it difficult to adapt to changing business requirements
  • Typically requires an 'all-in' approach
  • Requires training, conferences, user experts
Initial Price $$ $$$ $$$$
Hidden Price $ $$$$
Risk Low High Medium