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GCS is different – on purpose. We can be best described as developers but people hire us because we are smart, incredibly passionate, and can adapt in anything from a welding shop to a Fortune 500 boardroom. We also happen to be very good developers, but not so into technology that we will spend hours writing a bubble sort or arguing about what .NET collection object is best (who cares).

We are trying to create products/businesses in the long term. Given that,
Are we there yet? – No.
Will we create the next Facebook – probably not.
Will we create something cool, make a good living, and have a blast doing it – We hope so, otherwise what are we doing this for anyways.

We are not a true startup and we constantly shift between consulting and products. We do this because while we want to keep focus on products, there are bills to pay if we want to keep the team together, and keeping the team together is our best shot of doing some really cool things. We also all have families so while we like to play, we also have to take care of what’s important first.

We want entrepreneurs in the making, people who are not afraid to have ideas and work hard to get there. We want different thinking, accountability, and a fun personality. If you are just a developer who likes to spend all day slapping the keyboard, you may not be a good fit. If you think you have a cool idea and are looking for a team to see where it goes, you are who we are looking for.

We are a close bunch. We will engage in random arguments about silly things such as football, or the future of Uber, many time over a few beers. If you don’t like fun arguments, you may not fit in. We do it in fun and at the end of the day, if we need each other, we have each others back more than any company I’ve been a part of.

Nearly everyone who is around us loves our culture, but it’s not for everyone, and we get that. If you think you want to be a part of this journey with us, check out the postings below and get in touch!

“So you’re telling me there’s a chance ..”

If you are not a fit for the openings listed above, but still want to be a part of this team badly. .. don’t fret.  We are always looking for people who can contribute to make us better, regardless of whether or not we have open postings.  You can always email us at, and tell us why you should be the next member of our family.